Johnathon L. Jackson

Creator of Upstairs, Johnathon L. Jackson, is an actor, writer, and director, of the stage and film from Cleveland, Ohio. He has produced award winning plays and had his films accepted into festivals all across the world. The accomplishment he is most proud of is being a husband and father.

Upstairs was birth out of love. A love for the sitcom's and movies that were coming out in the late 90's and early 2000's. Those were the projects that made Johnathon fall in love with telling stories. Sitcoms like Living Single, Fresh Prince, and Girlfriends as well as films like Boomerang, Two Can Play That Game, and The Brothers. But as he grew older he saw those types of movies and television shows begin to disappear and be relegated to limited release. A personal philosophy of his is, "Where the content does not exists, create it. Don't complain about it". So, he gauged interest on social media of such a project. After an overwhelming response he went to work on Upstairs. The series is based on characters from a  screenplay he wrote a few years earlier entitled "Hero Complex".