AJd & JLJ - Directors

Ananias Dixon and Johnathon L. Jackson collaborate artistically often. This is their first dive into film together. The two share an understanding of ones vision and a trust to bring it to fruition that makes them work together seamlessly.

With Upstairs, they wanted to do something just because they loved it. So with love as motivation, they put everything they had into this project. Then the project gave it all back. Theirs is a partnership that is both organic and honest. The Yin to each others creative Yang. 


J. Andrew Thames - Cinematography/editor

Meet Director of Photography, Mr. J Andrew Thames. Andrew is an award winning Cinematographer with a passion for capturing diverse subject matter. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project. He prides himself on putting the time in to really understand what he's shooting.

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Tamicka Scruggs - Assistant Director

Tamicka Scruggs received her Bachelor's Degree in Television/Film at Clark Atlanta University in 2006. She is currently the Assistant property manager at Mt. Hermon Good Samaritan.

Tamicka has been seen most recently in the Lifetime movie 'With this Ring', on Showtime in the documentary 'Murder in the Park'.  She has performed in many theatres around Northeast Ohio including the Dobama Theatre, Near West Theatre, Weathervane Playhouse, Karamu, Blank Canvas Theatre, and The Fine Arts Association. She is also involved in many reenactments with the television show 'Crime stoppers'. Theatre and acting are obviously a passion of Tamicka's but she also loves to coach basketball and write music.


Jordan greytak - sound technician

Jordan Greytak, is the Owner of Devil Duck. He started running sound in high school back in 1998. Upon graduating from Valley Forge he did 8 years in the army as an infantryman with 3-187 inf 101 ABN DIV. Amongst many things it taught him attention to detail and how to deal with tight deadlines, which is so important in the audio industry. He is a graduate of Cuyahoga Community College's Recording Arts program. I will strive to meet every aspect of your sound engineering or recording needs


Tamiko Ruby J - Make Up Artist

Tamiko is a licensed Managing Cosmetologist, Instructor, Reiki Master, Certified Ethical Massage and Elemental Reflexology Practitioner. Tamiko has been in the beauty industry for over  20 Years. She has been the co-owner of several salons and is now the sole owner of Studio LL50. 

There is no one title that can encapsulate everything Tamiko does on a set. She controls the energy. And she makes every one look good. 


Mia Jones - Production Manager/Art Director

Whatever was needed, Mia Jones did it. From ordering food all the way up to making sure the shot was actually a good take. This project truly could not have happened without her.

Mia has had the privilege of performing and Directing in such venues as Karamu House, Dobama Theater, Cain Park, The Cleveland Playhouse (State Theater), Cleveland Public Theater (CPT). She has been recognized by the city of Cleveland receiving an award for Arts and Entertainment. Not only a performer of the stage, Mia also works in film as well. As a visual artist her style is very bright and colorful. You can find some of her artwork in local restaurants and barbershops around Cleveland. She was a featured artist in 'The Fearless Artist Pop Up Gallery' in Wynwood, Miami during Art Basel December 2016. Mia hosted her first solo art show in January of 2017.

She is our Ms. Do It All.