Special Guest



Sherrie Tolliver

Ms. Tolliver, a veteran actor on the screen and stage, appears in Upstairs as the loveable mother of Shaka and Justin, Momma J.


Anthony H. Brown

Mr. Brown plays the role of Andre. The father of Justin and Shaka in Upstairs. When he shows up, so do the fireworks.

Ms. Kimberly Brown 8x10.jpg

Kim Sias

Ms. Sias makes her debut on the show towards the middle of the season in the role of Ms. Simon. The mother of Sean and his mischievous little sister Ari, Ms. Simon has a scene to remember.


Ari Bailey

Ari is a student at the Cleveland School of the Arts where she is a Drama major studying theatre, directing, play-writing and choreography.


Samantha Cocco

Sam makes her presecencs felt in every frame of film she's in!

Devon thomas

Devon is a man of many talents and sides. You will see his face all throughout this season in the most random of places playing the character of Malcolm Jones.