Robert Hunter - Justin Blaylock

Robert is the future of acting. With Roles in films like The Land, Fate, Love Thyself, and Criminal Activities, he has shown some amazing chops thus far and he does not disappoint in Upstairs. Get ready to see a different side of Robert Hunter!


Ananias J. Dixon - Shaka Blaylock

Meet the other half of Momma J's boys, Shaka. Played by Ananias J. Dixon in the new web series Upstairs. You've seen him in Blue Bloods, Law And Order, and Boardwalk Empire. Now see him in Upstairs as everyone's favorite big brother.


Anthony x - Sean daniels

All the talent in Upstairs really brought their A Game on set and it's going to show on screen. This guy also brought the funny! When he's on the screen you can't walk away. You never know what he's going to say. Meet Sean played by Anthony X.


Johnathon L. Jackson - Caleb Martin

Caleb is the guy who seems to have it all together. The key word in that sentence is seems. But just how messed up is he really?