India nicole burton - sam

India Nicole Burton is an actress, director, playwright and producer, she’s a native of Akron, OH. She Graduated from The University of Akron in 2011 with a B.A in Theater Arts (with an emphasis on performance). Upon Graduating India Started her own company called Ma ‘Sue productions in which she directed, produced and performed in several of their plays. India acted as Artistic director until 2015. She also wrote a play entitled “1,000 Hills”, about The Rwandan Genocide. You can also catch her next performance in “The Art of Longing” at Cleveland Public Theater in the fall of 2017.


jameka terri dent - regina

Regina wants to be focused on herself, but the men she meets make it so hard. Can anyone relate?


laprise mari johnson - shaniqua

Shaniqua loves to work. But is always open for a reason not to. She helps to get all the neighbors in line... to hear what the brothers are up too.


maurisha dean - claire

Claire lives in her own world of filters and butterflies. But she loves a good time with the girls. It's her job to show them another way to see things.