The Sisters


Ashley aquilla - abagail

Abagail is the best friend you need in your life! She tells you when you're wrong, when you're right, and will slap you out of a bad situation. Played perfectly by Ashley Aquilla, Abby is a character that we all can love!


heather rich - ciara

Native Clevelander Heather Rich has hit the scene off and running as one of the city's most promising actresses. This new-comer is far from being inexperienced in the world of Acting and gives thanks to God for all of her many talents.


mary-francis rene miller - rose

Mary-Francis, who plays Caleb's wife Rose, brings such a strong energy to the screen every time the camera rolls on her. You may find a lot of different types of women out there, but you'll never find another Rose


corlesia smith - stacy

Stacy, who plays Sean's permanent "on again off again" girlfriend, stands in his corner through thick and thin. After what Sean goes through this season, he's going to need her.


eva rodriguez - mya

Mya has a story. She has a past. But it ain't none of your business and it has nothing to do with where she's going. Wherever that is, one thing for sure is that Justin will follow.